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'Paz Del Castillo's piano work is marvelously wrought, not just technically, but in its patient sensitivity to space and cadence - you will be hard pressed to find a more nuanced practitioner of the instrument, and this album captures her talent and art.'.

La Nueva España


No concibo el arte como un alarde de lo que uno sabe o entiende". Son palabras de la pianista y compositora Paz del Castillo, que estará hoy (20.00 horas) en el Centro Antiguo Instituto para ofrecer un concierto que ha levantado expectación por los trabajos discográficos de una artista que orientó su carrera desde la clásica a las llamadas "Nuevas músicas"Paz del Castillo, que se ha afincado en Llanes, tiene previsto tocar hoy composiciones de su último trabajo, "Now", que ha descrito como un "homenaje a las cosas simples y bellas de nuestra vida diaria". Este disco alcanzó el pasado diciembre el quinto puesto en la lista de los cien mejores álbumes. Está considerado por algunos críticos como uno de los mejores trabajos para piano solo del año pasado. Su actuación se inscribe dentro de la programación municipal "Los conciertos del taller"

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Paz del Castillo returns with a new album titled Now that confirms her status as one of Europe’s top solo pianists. She says the recording “is an affirmation, a tribute to the present,to everyday life.”The music of del Castillo, who lives in her home country of Spain, has a unique vitality and underlying thoughtfulness. One of the best at creating moods, del Castillo brings sensitivity, gentle passion and soulfulness to her playing.She composes the music for her recordings, and her writing demonstrates her considerable background, training and studies in the world of traditional classical music. Stylistically she writes memorable melodies and explores them with several variations on the theme, and uses an active left hand to present entwining counter-melodies and other motifs juxtaposed against the original melody line Del Castillo’s Now (released through The Borderline Music label) -- and her earlier recordings Moods for Piano, Secrets (Secretos - In Concert) and Eleven Drops -- are available in CD format and as digital downloads internationally through a variety of online shopping sites including Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby, eMusic and many others. For more information about Paz del Castillo, go to www.pazdelcastillo. Eleven Drops, her first recording to be marketed extensively globally dot com, went Top 10 on the international Zone Music Reporter 100 Chart for contemporary instrumental music...

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Each piece on any of the works released by talented pianist Paz Del Castillo is based in thought, impressionism and a love of life which permeates throughout each beautiful melody. As with all her music ‘Now’ has been created from the everyday things that go to make up living; trees blowing in the wind, the influence of her mother on her life, the moods of the ocean, dreams and daydreams and in the last rack her beloved dog, Tom. Simple things that not only are part of Paz del Castillo’s life but everyone’s lives as they grow from a young person to a valued and olde rmember of a family or community. Each piece is thoughtfully created; as you listen you can follow the desire to impart the joy of the experience in the music. ‘Unchain Me’ is a call to let the barriers in your life fall so that you have the freedom to follow your destiny with a joyful and reaching heart. There is a time in everyone’s life when they feel chained, fettered and unable to break free. This is a wakeup call to breakout and look towards a better future. This melody sets the scene for the rest of the album wherein you can simply sit and enjoy the delicate notes, read or dream into the pieces whatever you will as your mind wafts gently with the music.‘Sobre el Cabo de Mar’ is of course reflective of the moods of the ocean which lies close to del Castillo’s home and is a place she goes when she needs to simply, ‘sit at the top of the cliffs and breath the sea air’.

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NOW , Selecconado junto con otros 6 como nominado a optar al mejor album de piano solo del año 2015,
por el canal de radio SOLOPIANO RADIO; emisora que ocupa el numero 17 de entre 5000, una de las mejores emisoras de radio que emiten solo musica instrumental en todo el mundo

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Now - Paz del Castillo, Madrid, Spain

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